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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the face of foster care through targeted recruitment of families who are willing to provide a family and home to youth who are at increased risk due to high-risk behavior challenges and the absence of acceptance and support for their sexual identity. Bridge Builders can give a child a sense of 

acceptance amid societal bias and seemingly insurmountable 

circumstances. Bridge Builders specializes in the service of two uniquely underserved populations: High-risk behavioral and LGBTQ. We are passionate about providing youth with a safe and nurturing environment that keeps them connected to community, family, and friends. Through our community partnerships and targeted recruitment, Bridge Builders will provide a family who is trained to meet the unique needs of  these two very high-risk populations. We embrace their differences, advocate for their interest, and provide them with the notion that they are family.

Our Vision

Building a community-based program that is designed to meet the specific needs of children with high-risk behavior challenges and within the LGTBQ population.

Bridge Builders is based on the principle of acceptance and support.

Our agency’s principle is rooted in the following:

  • Developing and maintaining caregiver resources and staff who are willing, committed, and  highly trained to serve the LGBTQ population and youth with behavioral challenges.

  • Maintaining stable placements and minimize risk to children in our care.

  • Maintaining trauma informed and evidence-based practices.

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